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( Thomas Anders )
  "Alexander should not be a musican"
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  Thomas wish that his son Alexander don’t be a musican told he in an interview with Because Alexander attended a high school with a musical focus. He get lessons in piano and contrabass. Thomas wants to spare his son a compare with his father. Thomas himself is repeatedly compared to Modern Talking. Nevertheless, Thomas would support his son in any way, if he really wants this.

( Thomas Anders )
  "Christmaskonzert in Ransbach-Baumbach"
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Mit freundlicher Genehmigung

( Dieter Bohlen )
  "Bohlen loses lawsuit"
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  Because Dieter Bohlen refuses to pay school fees and music lessons for his son Maurice Cassian his ex-girlfriend Estefania Küster sues him for her keep. It is say Dieter and Estefania comes on a agree at the separation that Dieter pays monthly 1000,-- and health insurance. Meantime Estefania lives with her son on the Isle Mallorca and has the custody for Maurice by her own. Dieter declines 2010, when Maurice comes to school, that Maurice has not to go to a private school, because in his opinion Maurice get’s also a very good instruction on a public school. Estefania justify her decision that on public schools, the lessons are exclusive in catalane but this is not helpful for the children. If the verdict will be final and Dieter did not lodge a complaint, he has to pay 12800,-- euro for school and music lessons because it is backdated to October 2010.

( Thomas Anders )
  "Lawyer representing Thomas in court!"
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  Today, both parties were summoned to court, but only Nora appeared. Thomas was represented by his lawyer, apologizes him “Thomas have a concert in Moscow”, and could not be here therefore.

Nora Balling demands approximately one million euro form her ex-husband, because he has offended against an obligation of discretion that has been decided in year 1999.

( Thomas Anders )
  "Court proceeding - Balling against Anders"
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  Nora complained against Thomas because he makes statements in his book “100 % Anders” he is not allowed to do, because it is against the agreement, which both take at divorce. Accordingly, Thomas has forbidden some statements from district court Koblenz.

The lawsuit between Nora Balling und Thomas Anders that continues since a few months goes on his next round.
On Friday, 1st June 2012 occurs the main proceeding at district court Koblenz, both sides were also charged.

( Thomas Anders )
  "Thomas’ reading at the Middlerhein music festival"
| Datum: (15.04.2012) | Info Quelle: (Mittelrhein-Musik-Festival)  

  The whole festival runs about several weeks. Namely from 18th May 2012 to 26th August 2012.
Thomas’ reading occurs at the 12th August 2012 at 3 pm in the golf hotel at Jakobsberg in Boppard. All information about Middlerhein music festival and about the event with Thomas Anders you get under the following link:


( Anders | Fahrenkrog )
  "Concerts unfortunately has to be cancelled"
| Datum: (28.03.2012) | Info Quelle: (Thomas Anders)  

  Dear fans,

I’m very sad to inform you that the shows from ANDERS | FAHRENKROG in Berlin, Dresden and Erfurt will be cancelled.

I got an incarcerated sciatic nerv and lying in bed.
I’m awfully sorry, because I was really looking forward for some great shows with you.

Best Thomas

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